Nestle has made countless of options when it comes to flavors of Kit Kat flavors. First off, their chunky Kit Kats are already the BEST, but now they're about to make it even better! 

Just in time for Halloween, Nestle is coming out with a New York Cheesecake Kit Kat Chunky candy bar and it looks amazing. 

I don't think they can ever go wrong with a cheesecake flavor honestly. Unfortunately, right now the bar is only available in the U.K. or online (so we can still get a sneak peak on how it will taste). 

First, the bad news: It'll only be available in the U.K. or online for the time being.

The candy bar is "topped off with a creamy-tasting layer of New York Cheesecake filling"... I need this right NOW. 

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