Amazing Wildlife Is Going To Be The New Fave Podcast!

There is a new podcast the whole family will love and enjoy from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the hosts stopped in to chat about it! This will be a weekly podcast launching today, Friday, November 19th. The shows hosts are Ebone Monet and Rick Schwartz. Both are bringing their expertise to this new podcast that is sure to be a hit with the kids.

Ebone Monet is a veteran journalist. She has covered breaking news, natural disasters, and major developments. As a KPBS San Diego public media anchor and reporter, Ebone interviewed industry leaders about policy, education, and other news. She is a senior editor at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, a conservation organization committed to saving species worldwide. Ebone graduated from UCLA. The San Diego native says she brings curiosity and empathy to her storytelling. She enjoys learning about people and time at the beach with her family.

Rick Schwartz is Ambassador for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. He began his career with the Zoo in 2000 as a wildlife care specialist at the Children’s Zoo. As an ambassador, Rick has traveled nationally and internationally representing the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park, sharing the organization’s commitment to wildlife conservation. Rick came to the San Diego Zoo with seven years of professional wildlife care and teaching experience for organizations including Guide Dogs for the Blind. He has been an adjunct professor for Moorpark College.

Jesse and Tati plus Amazing Wildlife Hosts

Foto: @TwoCentsTati on Instagram

Podcast launches on Friday, November 19th.

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