Tacotopia Exhibit Is Coming to Los Angeles

Tacotopia is coming to Los Angeles!

Tacotopia is an immersive exhibit that cover all things taco-related with over 20 taco-themed environments where you can not only play and have fun but also take photos.

There's even a taco teeter totter!

"Imagine a wonderland where you are sliding down an oversized tortilla chip into a giant pico de gallo foam pit, or capturing your happy on a taco teeter totter. Tacos are life, and we want to share our love of tacos with everyone living every day like Taco Tuesday. If you don't like tacos we're probably nacho type," Tacotopia's website says.

For tickets click here.

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano is an on air radio host on: 102.7 KIIS FM from 3pm-7pm. Los Angeles' Hit Music AND Star 94.1 FM in San Diego. Read more


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