A 2nd-Grader Drew Today's Google Doodle

I love this! 

Today's dinosaur-themed Google Doodle was drawn by a Virginia 2nd grader who won a $30,000 scholarship through the company's annual "Doodle for Google" contest.

Sarah Gomez-Lane is the winner of the annual 'Doodle for Google' contest, where kids can submit artwork that will appear as one of the website's 'Google Doodles'.

Sarah Gomez-Lane won for her drawing of dinosaurs spelling out the word "Google".  Programmers then turned her drawing into an 'animated, interactive' Google Doodle.

Sarah dreams of being a paleontologist one day and gets the $30,000 scholarship as well as a $50,000 donation to her school.

For more on the story click below:

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