Taylor Swift Donates $15,500 to 19-Year-Old Fan Whose Mom Has Been in Coma

Taylor Swift gets the award for the greatest “good deed of the day” after she donated $15,550 to a 19-year-old fan whose mother has been in a three-year coma.

Sadie created a GoFundMe account and asked friends to help her and her family out after things started to get rough, “My Mom has been in a coma for three years now. She had an ulcer that bled out that led to a lack of oxygen to the brain which resulted in brain damage,” Sadie wrote on Twitter

With Sadie and her brother being the only family members to work, Sadie revealed that ‘my family is in trouble.’

Before Taylor’s donation to Sadie’s mother’s GoFundMe account, $25,000 had already been donated.

Just one more reason why we love our girl Taylor Swift!

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano

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