Watch: Dog Escapes, Then Rings Doorbell to Get Back Inside


Imagine your dog ringing the doorbell to get you to let them back in the house. 

It happened to a family in Spokane, Washington!

Marshall the dog accidentally locked himself out of the house. Like any teenager who has likely done the same thing, Marshall did what anybody would do.

A video doorbell captures the moment that Marshall begins knocking on the door and ringing the doorbell.

The video came from the home of Greg Basel. I wonder if Tyga would be smart enough to ring our doorbell... Tyga is my dog BTW. Yup that's her below!

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano is an on air radio host on: 102.7 KIIS FM from 3pm-7pm. Los Angeles' Hit Music AND Star 94.1 FM in San Diego. Read more


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