10 Latino Snacks That Just So Happen To Be Vegan

You better believe I have PROUDLY indulged in so many Latino snacks throughout my lifetime.

Here's a list of 10 snacks I grew up loving or grew to love as an adult, that just so happen to also be vegan.

Warning: I am not responsible for making you want to take a trip to corner store to buy any of these items!!

1. Paletas 

Yes these were EVERYTHING growing up, you could basically get a paleta (popsicle) in any fruit flavor imaginable. My go to was always a lime paleta.


2. Duritos

Need I say more, I mean every time I'd go to the swap-meet Duritos were a must. 


3. Takis

Takis have got to be one of the greatest snacks out there right? They definitely give Hot Cheetos a run for their money.

But BEWARE some Takis are not vegan. Takis Fuego, Takis Nitro, Takis Salsa Brava, and Takis Zombie are vegan so go on and indulge!


4. Mazapan

I have a love/hate relationship with Mazapans because the fact that they crumble so easily is really annoying but then the fact that they are really delicious sort of makes up for it.


5. Tajin

I mean Tajin let's face it you can sprinkle it on your hand and eat it solo or just slather it all over your fruit/veggies.


6. Abuelita chocolate 

I know what you're thinking... JESSE WE USE MILK TO MAKE ABUELITA CHOCOLATE, well news flash you can substitute the dairy with some coconut milk or almond milk!There's no animal products listed in the ingredients.


7. Coconut Bites

Yes Coconut bites and or sesame bites are also vegan!


8. Plantain Chips


9. Doraditas

My dad loved these sweet treats and so do I.


10. Sabritas

Last but not least Sabritas because why not?


Now please remember I'm not a nutritionist or doctor! I've based my list off of knowledge that I've gained from being around vegans and of course reading ingredient lists. 

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano is an on air radio host on: 102.7 KIIS FM from 3pm-7pm. Los Angeles' Hit Music AND Star 94.1 FM in San Diego. Read more


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