Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon Spotted Wearing Costumes in Central Park


Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon were up to something in New York's Central Park.

The two were in disguise for what some think will be an upcoming segment on The Tonight Show. Bieber and Fallon were dressed in suits, wigs, sunglasses and fake mustaches as they danced around.

At one point, Bieber removed his costume and said hi to fans. 

Can you imagine taking a casual stroll through Central Park and BOOM you just happen to run into Justin Bieber in a full on disguise. I mean seriously what are the chances!

Can't wait to find out exactly what they were up to!


What do you think they were working on? Let me know in the comments below!

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano is an on air radio host on: 102.7 KIIS FM from 3pm-7pm. Los Angeles' Hit Music AND Star 94.1 FM in San Diego. Read more


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