2-Year-Old Girl Brings Breakfast Burritos to Exhausted Firefighters


Have no fear, the "Burrito Girl" is here!

Gracie Lutz is an adorable 2-year-old girl handing out homemade breakfast burritos to exhausted firefighters who are currently trying to control the Carr wildfires in Northern California.

Gracie's two brothers, Kody and Colton, as well as her dad, are some of the dedicated firefighters working 24-hour shift to combat the blaze. 

Gracie and her mother Chelsea were inspired to give back to the workers after Kody got off his night shift and said he was "dying for a burrito". 

They decided to make dozens of breakfast burritos for the firefighters getting off the night shift of saving lives. 

Chelsea, Gracie's mom, posted a video on Facebook of the little philanthropist dubbed "Burrito Girl" handing out the wrapped breakfast treat to the firefighters, getting hundreds of thousands of views just this week. 

Gracie in her little firefighter boots is just trying to make a difference and trying to help boost the mood of the tired civil servants. 

Gracie and her mom Chelsea aren't just stopping at breakfast, then plan on handing out spaghetti dinners to the CalFire crew next week. 

Chelsea told CBS News, “We just wanted to show our support for them."

Thumbnail via screenshot/Facebook

Jesse Lozano

Jesse Lozano

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