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Government Offers Third Round of Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests

Positive Cassette rapid test for COVID-19, Test Result by Using Rapid Test Device for COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus.

Photo: Getty Images

The U.S. government is offering a third round of free COVID-19 tests as of Monday, May 16.

In this round, the government will ship out eight free COVID-19 rapid antigen tests to any household in the U.S. that wants them, according to the website.

According to the New York Times, COVID-19 cases began spiking again in April. The latest recorded surge was on May 11 with over 160,000 new cases reported.

"Cases are rising in nearly every U.S. state, but the Northeast and Midwest have been especially hard hit. In much of those two regions, daily case reports are higher today than they were at the peak of last summer's Delta surge," the New York Times reported.

The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed nearly a million lives since the start of the pandemic.

To order the free COVID-19 rapid antigen tests, you can visit the government's official website here.

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