California Just Launched The Largest Free School Lunch Program In The US

Photo: Getty Images North America

California just launched the LARGEST free school lunch program in the United States, allowing 6.2 Million public school kids to eat FREE lunch, REGARDLESS of their family's income! According to NPR qualifications are changing:

Under federal rules, a family of four must make less than $34,000 a year to qualify for free meals and $48,000 to qualify for reduced-price meals. The caps shift annually but are based on federal poverty measures that don't take into account the high cost of living and taxes in California.
About 60% of California students qualify, but experts say the number of children who need food assistance is much higher in a state with vast income inequality. Communities of color are disproportionately affected and immigrant communities in particular are fearful of applying because of detailed forms that ask intrusive questions such as their family income, Social Security number and children's immigration status.

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