9 Things To Be Thankful for Living in Los Angeles

Those who live in Los Angeles, California can understand the burden of daily rush hour traffic that seems to never end, long lines for hot dogs, and energetic costume characters on Hollywood Blvd. However, there are more perks to the city of angels than losses. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, many may not be able to spend time with their loved ones. So, if you'll be in LA for the holidays, take a moment and read through this list as we reflect on the things that make us smile and feel happy to cal this SoCal gem home. Check out this list of the top 9 things in Los Angeles to be grateful for.

1. LA Voted a Top Dating Scene

In 2018, WalletHub listed California as the #1 state for singles looking for love. Los Angeles ranked as the #3 best city in the nation for singles, with San Francisco coming in at #1. The key factors that played into this decision include:

  • Dating economics - How much it costs to go out on a date.
  • Dating opportunities - The number of single adults.
  • Romance and fun - How many opportunities there are for dates, including restaurants per capita, number of attractions, nature parks, and movie theaters. 

2. Tons of Hidden Beaches

Is there anything better than throwing on a swimsuit and heading out to lay on the sand on a warm sunny day? Although Venice beach and the Santa Monica Pier win the popularity trophy, there are tons of hidden beaches around LA that cut out the hustle and bustle. Check out these spots for a private, relaxing afternoon.

3. Unlimited Pop-Ups

If you've binged a show then felt you needed a more immersive experience then you're probably a pop-up fanatic. That title is pretty easy to achieve in Los Angeles given that we have a new pop-up seemingly every 6 hours. These Instagrammable experiences are the best thing since the instant gratification of streamable television. Our favorites this year were The Breaking Bad Experience, Pet Pop, and The Good Burger Pop-up!

4. Casually Running Into Your Fav Celebrity

Samsung Celebrates The Premiere Of "Suicide Squad"

Samsung Celebrates The Premiere Of "Suicide Squad"

In L.A. it's totally normal to go shopping at Whole Foods and just as you're leaving the hot food bar there you see it - Will Smith! Well, personally we haven't seen Will at a Whole Foods, but it's very likely! Celebs live all over Los Angeles, with most sticking to areas in the secluded hills. However, if on a Wednesday night you want to paint the town, there's a list of hot spots where the celebs like to hang out in secret.

5. 24 Hour Food Options

Have you ever been on vacation to a small town and were STARVING at 1a.m. only to find out that all restaurants nearby are closed? In L.A. that's never a worry. If you're craving more substance than a fast food burger, then there are plenty of late night cafe's that you and friends can meet up at for a fun time and good meal. Some of our favorites are Kitchen 24 (Hollywood), Tatsu Ramen (West Hollywood), Roscoes Chicken and Waffles (various locations), and so many more!

6. Taco Trucks

How can you not get happy thinking about taco stands? You can find them on just about every corner in L.A.. Taco's are such a quick meal, but boy are they delicious. You can always find some great Taco Tuesday deals, or even stop by one on a Saturday night after going dancing. Our favorites are Taco El Venado (multiple locations)!

Check out this list on where to find every taco truck in the U.S.

7. Each Neighborhood is Totally Different

The best thing about L.A. is that there is always something new. If you're in a beachy mood, then head over to Malibu beach. If you're going for a more chill, live music vibe then Echo Park is a perfect fit. West Hollywood is great for lavish shopping, fine eats, and rooftop bar scenes!

8. Weather

You know that Tony! Toni! Toné! song, It Never Rains (in Southern California)? Well, it's kind of true. It barely gets gloomy in L.A., but it does get a little chill. Most days (even in December) prepare for the weather to fall around 70 degrees.

9. Diverse Friend Groups

Most people in L.A. are transplants from other towns and countries. That's what makes the City of Angeles so special. Each person is so unique in their own way, bringing with them bits from their home to make Los Angeles truly special.

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