Watch Adele Sing Her Greatest Hits In SNL's Hilarious 'Bachelor' Skit

Adele sang some of her biggest hits on Saturday Night Live.

The superstar, who made her hosting debut on SNL this weekend, not only put her comedic chops to the test but also treated watchers to several live performances.

The 32-year-old songbird starred in a hilarious Bachelor skit as one of the women competing for bachelor Ben K. In the early moments of the scene, Adele bursts into a dramatic interpretation of her emotional ballad "Someone Like You" after thinking she's been eliminated from the show. Much to the confusion of Ben and the others, however, Adele finally gathers herself when she figures out she still has a shot at love.

The pop star comes on even stronger during her one-on-one with Ben, who pays her a compliment during their date, which Adele returns by serenading him with an impromptu performance of “When We Were Young.”

The Grammy winner hilariously interrupts Ben’s date with another contestant by singing “Hello.” When the contestant finally snaps at her, Adele apologetically walks away, only to hide in a nearby bush as she sings, “Hello from inside this bush.”

“I’m starting to get the feeling that I might be coming on a bit strong,” Adele admits in her confessional. “I think Ben K likes that sort of laid back, American vibe. So for the rest of the night, I’ve decided to play it really, really chill and cool.”

During an evening gathering, Adele tells Ben she’s “totally fine” with him wanting to talk with the other women but completely loses it when another woman asks for time with him. The songbird reacts by shattering a wine glass with her hand and breaks into her fiery hit “Rolling in the Deep.”

The scene closes with her being thrown out of the party, only to return to finish singing “Someone Like You.”

Photo: YouTube

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