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We want to support our local businesses here in SoCAL! You can be featured as a Hometown Hustler On Air With Ryan Seacrest! You will be able to promote your business on KIIS-FM with Ryan Seacrest! Email details of your business to RubiGonzales@iheartmedia.com.


Hometown Hustler: Griselda Dominguez Of Honey + Ivy in Montebello

This mother-son duo from East LA went from hosting clothing parties in their old apartment over 20 years ago to opening their first clothing boutique together in 2021.

Griselda Dominguez and her son, Andrew are co-owners of Honey + Ivy— a women’s clothing and accessories boutique located in Montebello.

Griselda and her son opened up their boutique mid-pandemic, in April of 2021. Managing a new business venture during extremely trying times while also maintaining their full time jobs was not easy…However, Griselda says it’s definitely been a wonderful experience learning and navigating this process with her son.

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Location: 1939 W. Whittier Blvd. Montebello, CA

Boutique hours:

  • Closed Sundays and Mondays
  • Tue-Fri 2PM-7PM, Sat 1PM-6PM

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