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We want to support our local businesses here in SoCAL! You can be featured as a Hometown Hustler On Air With Ryan Seacrest! You will be able to promote your business on KIIS-FM with Ryan Seacrest! Email details of your business to RubiGonzales@iheartmedia.com.


Hometown Hustler: Haley Sanchez of NESW Wax Co

What did owners do before jumping into own business?

I worked for the wholesale department for a fine jewelry designer in Long Beach while also doing freelance makeup artistry.

When was the business founded? 

We began making candles in 2014 for our daughter’s 2nd birthday party as party favors and found that it was loved by all! So, we kept it up and it turned it from a hobby to a side hustle to now, my full time job!

A little bit of why you started your company:

My husband and I have always been creative, pre-Pinterest DIYers, but after making candles for our daughter’s birthday party, we found that EVERYONE loves a candle. And it just made sense to create something that all people could enjoy. A few years later, we changed our name and got really serious about candle making and creating an experience with the candles. 

What do you offer?: 

I make candles & melts and also offer a fun, curated collection of enamel pins. My husband does the designing for our vinyl stickers, keychains & tote bags.

What happened during the pandemic? How did you pivot? 

2020 was a wild year but one of my best for business. People were at home, in need of coziness and comfort- insert candles. And since, things have changed because I had to rely heavily on my website and Etsy sales, since in-person markets and pop-ups were far and few between and didn’t really even pick back up until late in 2020/early 2021. I found that my online presence, whether it was on Instagram or TikTok was really important to connect with my customers and make sure that I could keep the momentum going since I wasn’t able to see everyone in person.





Upcoming pop-ups?

Orange Homegrown Farmers Market- June 25th & July 16th 9am to 1pm

Chapman Crafted Summer Solstice pop up- June 25th 2pm-6pm

All in the city of Orange!

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