Hometown Hustler: Senter McGinist of Straight Up Fast Food

Meet our Hometown Hustler this week⁠—Senter McGinist of Straight Up Fast Food!

When was your business founded? 

Straight Up Fast Food was founded June 16 2019.

What did owners do before jumping into own business?

Before I started Straight up Fast Food I worked for Pro Club clothing, Community Services Unlimited, & last Whole Foods in the produce department. Each job played a part in creating the business where at Pro Club I learned a lot about networking, sales, and marketing. At Community Services Unlimited we set up produce stands around South Central LA & created access and awareness for organic fruits and veggies. We also grew fruits & veggies on a small farm outside of USC. Working for Whole Foods I mainly chop produce, make juice, guacamole, and salsa.

A little bit of why you started your company:

I started Straight Up Fast Food to be able to do something I enjoy and have a positive impact in South Central LA. We don't have many healthy food options in the community. We mainly have fast food restaurants, and corner stores with chips, candy, sodas, and sugary energy drinks.

What do you offer?

I sell organic smoothies, cold-pressed juices, and acai bowls.

What happened during the pandemic? How did you pivot? 

During the pandemic many people wanted healthier food options due to COVID. There was also an immense amount of support for small businesses. At the time my hours at Whole Foods were cut and I focused more on my Straight Up Fast Food. When a lot of businesses were closing up I kept delivering in the neighborhood and moved my business from the apartment into a cafe for a year. Now I'm juicing out of 5 Star Kitchen LA in Leimert Park.

Where can listeners find your products?

For now they can order on instagram @straightupfastfood or call (323)-831-8433 for delivery. You could also stop by for a cold-pressed juice at:

5 Star Kitchen LA in Leimert Park

Village Mart & Deli in El Serrano

Les Fidèles in Downtown LA

Soul on Ice in Arlington Heights



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