Hometown Hustlers

We want to support our local businesses here in SoCAL! You can be featured as a Hometown Hustler On Air With Ryan Seacrest! You will be able to promote your business on KIIS-FM with Ryan Seacrest! Email details of your business to RubiGonzales@iheartmedia.com.


Hometown Hustler: Jairo Bogarín of Humburgers Nice

Meet our Hometown Hustler from last week⁠—Jairo Bogarín of Hamburgers Nice!

A little bit of why you started your company:

I have a passion for food. Passion for people. I wanted to share my food with the community

What do you offer?: 

Breakfast-style Burgers (think McMuffin… but better!)

What happened during the pandemic? How did you pivot? 

I rode the wave. We started offering time-slots for pickup, contact-less payment/pickup. More than the structural changes in our business… we made an effort to keep the energy light and warm. Tried to be a bright spot on your IG feed.

Where can we find Hamburgers Nice?

Tuesdays and Sundays at:

SALA Coffee & Wine 3853 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach

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