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Hometown Hustler: Pablo Murillo of Aguas Locas

Meet our Hometown Hustler from last week⁠—Pablo Murillo of Aguas Locas!

Before running his own pop-up business selling homemade aguas frescas, Pablo Murillo was working in hospitality and music. Get to know Pablo and Aguas Locas below:

What do you offer?

A healthy sugar-free agua fresca and lifestyle brand celebrating the beauty of Mexican culture.

A little bit of why you started your company:

I started making sugar-free aguas frescas for my daughter during the first quarantine in Los Angeles. I wanted to replicate the same nostalgic feeling I had as a kid drinking aguas frescas but without the sugar and tummy ache. My family and I started delivering these drinks straight to people's doorsteps to bring a bit of sunshine during such a dark time.

Aguas Locas is an homage to my family and a love letter to my cultura. It is my mission to bring the healthiest aguas frescas to the world while impacting and uplifting our communities.

What happened during the pandemic? How did you pivot? 

We were born because of the pandemic. We wanted to make something from nothing. Every COVID outbreak, regulation, rule, etc. has given us the opportunity to pivot and look at things from a different perspective. It has made us who we are as a brand and as humans. 

Where can we find Aguas Locas products?

Get your Aguas Locas at the following locations:

Sal’s Market - @salsmarketanddeli

423 n. Fries Ave., Wilmington

Demitasse Santa Monica - @cafe_demitasse

1149 3rd St, Santa Monica

Lord Empanada - @lordempanadala

1540 S Myrtle Ave, Monrovia

Sara’s Market- @sarasmarket

3455 City Terrace Dr, East LA

Surfas Culinary District LA - @surfasla

3225 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

Amiga Amore Restaurant @amigaamorela

5668 York Blvd, Highland Park

NDMK Fish House - @ndmk_ci

109 Clarissa Ave, Avalon

Corner Shop LA - @cornershopla

559 N Hoover St, Silverlake

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