Lady Gaga Reveals That She Performed 5 Shows While Having COVID During Tour

During the premiere for Lady Gaga's new concert film, Gaga Chromatic Ball, she revealed that she had COVID-19 while performing at some of her 2022 shows for the Chromatica Ball tour.
"I did five shows with COVID," she told moderator Scott Evans of Access Hollywood in fan videos posted to social media.
 "I shared it with everyone on my team," Gaga said, referring to her decision to still perform. "And I said, 'I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable at work, and you don't have to perform, and you don't have to work that day, but I'm gonna do the show' — 'cause I just didn't wanna let all the fans down… The way that I saw it also was that the fans were all putting themselves in harm's way every day coming to the shows. So, you know…

There were divided reactions about this news as some fans were supportive of her decision but others were concerned for her crew and even the audience. What do you think about this? For more, click here.

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