Charlie Puth Reacts To Benny Blanco's TikToks; "They're Weird"

Our girl Gabby Diaz sat down with Charlie Puth to talk about his new single "Light Switch," which finally dropped today. Diaz asked Puth if he is okay due to the ongoing criticism Blanco has been doing on his TikTok videos.

Puth says that, "it's weird" and hasn't really thought about it too much. He said he looked up to Blanco and that he was the reason he started making music.

This all started on August 10, 2021 when Blanco posted a video reacting to Puth talking about sounds you can hear in a video about a Cycad fruit. If you aren't familiar with Puth's TikToks, he is known to talk about tones from various sounds he finds interesting.

Since then, Blanco has been continuously posting videos, taking jabs at Puth's TikTok's telling him to "shut up," "no one cares," or to "quit music." At first people thought it was a joke until Billie Eilish chimed in about Blanco being rude to Puth saying "what do you do all day Benny?"

Here is a timeline of some of the videos from Blanco, Puth, and Eilish.

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