LA County Looking to Dismiss Vanessa Bryant Lawsuit

Photo: Getty Images

Los Angeles County has filed documents to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Vanessa Bryant, over leaked photos that sheriff’s deputies took of the crash and of her husband and daughter's remains.

The documents were filed on Monday (November 22). Attorneys for L.A. County argue that Bryant’s claims of trauma are “unreasonable” and that any trauma she suffered was from the death of her husband and daughter, not the circulation of crash site photos. 

Vanessa's claim that the photos could be leaked to the public has also been deemed unreasonableby the county. Court documents say, “Even if photos were to surface one day, Bryant would still have hurdles to establish a real, concrete injury – she would have to show that the photos: (i) came from County employees; and (ii) depicted her family members. Neither fact is a foregone conclusion.”

More on the story from PEOPLE here.

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