Foot Locker Commits $200 Million to Support the Black Community

Footlocker has committed to investing $200 million over the next 5 years to support the Black community.

"We stand resolute in our commitment to fight racial inequality and injustice," said Foot Locker Chairman and CEO, Richard Johnson.

"This commitment extends beyond words. It is part of our culture and the way we operate as an inclusive and diverse organization. We recognize that Black Culture plays a pivotal role in shaping Sneaker Culture – the foundation of our business at Foot Locker, Inc. We believe we have an obligation to add our voice and actions to drive meaningful and lasting change across our company and within the communities we serve."

The company aims to support economic development and educational initiatives in the Black community. Additionally, Footlocker promises to purchase more products from Black-owned brands and businesses.

Read Footlocker's full statement below:

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