CleanSlate provides low-cost tattoo removal to those who are financially oppressed and who are more financially privileged to get tattoo’s removed as well. The organization will give individuals a great price and the money goes towards Community Violence Recovery Programs.

CleanSlate does not only assist gang members in their effort to move forward in their lives. Their client’s range from survivors of Domestic Violence to those effected by the justice system in various ways. They also serve those who just need a tattoo removed because it no longer describes who they were at the time of the application. While all clients regardless of reason do receive their best discounts for participating in their groups, they still have the option to get tattoo removal at a very low cost without participating in the groups. However the discount is significant. CleanSlate is first and foremost a therapeutic process. They want to assist with the changing of the package while providing support in the process of self-understanding and acceptance.

They do not believe in exclusion. The organization believes that most of the people they serve have been marginalized in some way, for some reason. Gang members, felons, survivors of Violence from any source. Be it partner abuse, community violence or poverty, which in their opinion is violence, CleanSlate is here to assist individuals in the acceptance of self. Whoever that might be.

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Founder- (Ms. Diaz)

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