The Queen Offered Damehood To Ariana Grande

Apparently the Queen of England offered Ariana Grande Damehood which would be a huge honor but what people has sparked people's interest if Ari's reaction according to Elitedaily. Damehood is equivalent to Knighthood just for women by the way. 

So when did this go down? Following the Manchester Attack that led to Ari's One Love Manchester benefit show but she turned it down! What?! That's crazy but her reason for it makes sense.

"According to The Sun, Grande, while moved by the gesture, felt it was too soon after the attack for her to be given the honor and that accepting it would be seen as inappropriate and insensitive."

“Ariana was flattered but said it was too soon," a source told the outlet. "She explained she was still grieving. So were scores of families. She feared some affected might see it as insensitive. The committee wrote to her but she politely said no. She was deeply moved and honored," they said. "She didn’t decline it as such but explained it was not the right time to accept.”

But if you remember, she did receive and accept the honor for being an "Honorary Citizen of Manchester."

Good for you Ari!

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