Ally Brooke Performed In Our AT&T Sound Studio!

Ally Brooke performed in our AT&T Sound Studio! The newly solo starlet dropped by to chat with KIIS FM's Alex about the journey of discovering her solo single 'Lowkey,' identity as an artist apart from Fifth Harmony and to perform some original music!

To kick off this intimate event, Ally took the stage with two backup dancers to perform her collaboration with Kris Kross Amsterdam and Messiah 'Vamanos' and new solo single with Tyga 'Low Key.' Watch above as she flawlessly dances and entertains a crowd of her biggest fans in the Los Angeles area!

Shortly after being joined on-stage by Alex, Ally goes into detail about how different her solo artistic journey has been compared to being a member of a group.

It's so different! It's my music, it's my sound, it's what I want to wear, it's how I want to do my hair, it's how I want to do my nails. It's my makeup. It's just every single part of it is so different. My team around me is so supportive of who I am as an artist and a human being, like they're there for me emotionally too whenever I'm like super excited over something or I'm freaking out over something they're there. That's like a family. That's what it should be. Obviously I'm a solo artist now so I get to be in my own world and paint that world for you guys - and I'm so glad that y'all like it, I really am. But that's where it's different. Even though I've been here and other places millions of times, this is like the first time for me honestly.

Watch below!

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