Trader Joe's Has A Chocolate Snowman That Turns Warm Milk Into Hot Cocoa

Hot cocoa isn't just for kids around the holidays. Trader Joe’s has come up with the cutest way to enjoy some hot cocoa with a chocolatey, marshmallowy (and adorable) snowman that you melt into a mug of hot milk.

Here’s how it works: First you will need the Trader Joe’s hot cocoa snowman. Place the snowman in a warm cup of milk. Trader Joe's says he’ll bob in the cup until he starts to melt, and that's when the hot cocoa magic happens!

The snowman’s chocolate exterior will give way to a marshmallow and chocolate chip interior, turning your warm milk into a yummy cup of hot cocoa. How cute!

The 2-ounce hot cocoa snowman sells for $1.99, and it’s the perfect holiday treat or stocking stuffer!

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