Burger King Is Adding 2 New Vegan Options To Their Menu

More and more people are starting to enjoy meatless hamburgers and now they are popping up at fast food restaurants everywhere.

Burger King debuted their Impossible Whopper a couple months ago and now they are introducing two new vegan burger options to their European menus.

The Rebel Whopper and the Rebel Chicken King have already been introduced in Burger King's Sweden locations. The sandwiches use soy and wheat protein for their patties.


Offering plant-based options have been a major selling point for the chain since its first release earlier this year. According to a Cowen research report obtained by Business Insider, stores were selling about 45 Impossible burgers per day, and that this new meal also started convincing customers to pay more. "Checks with the plant-based burger tend to be $10 or more, compared to the average Burger King order of $7.36 in 2018," they wrote.

Hopefully the new vegan options come to the U.S. soon!



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