Thrifty Is Now Selling Its Signature Cylindrical Ice Cream Scoopers

If you grew up getting Thrifty ice cream then you know the shape the scoops come in.

Generations of Angelenos have grown up with getting the signature cylindrical scoops of ice cream and now Thrifty is selling the stainless steel contraption!

Someone saw a picture of the ice cream scooper on Instagram, then it started showing up on eBay, where one near Hemet drew 25 bids and sold for $121.50.

If you're lucky enough to find one in Rite-Aid, they go for $19.99.

Before the brand was purchase by Rite-Aid in 1996, the entire store was known as Thrifty. In the spring of 1933, Thrifty parked a truck outside its downtown location and started scooping ice cream. Six years later, the chain purchased a plant in Hollywood. By World War II, there were 60 stores, many of which featured a counter and grill alongside the soda fountain.

From the 1950s to the 1990s, the stores grew and changed, but the ice cream always stayed the same. The plant relocated to a new, larger building in El Monte in 1976 where it still remains today. Thrifty even managed to keep the prices old timey, changing them so slowly that even today a single scoop is only $1.99.

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