Trader Joe’s Has A New Protein Ice Cream

Halo Top is known for being an ice cream packed with protein, but now Trader Joe's is giving Halo Top a run for it's money!

The latest dessert at Trader Joe's people are talking about comes in two flavors: Joe-Joe’s Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

According to Trader Joe's, the new ice cream is "rich, fluffy, and full-flavored, combining a delicious ice cream base with glorious mix-ins."


The Joe-Joe's Cookies & Cream has a "sweet, vanilla ice cream base" that is mixed with pieces of Joe-Joe's Cookies. Joe-Joe's Cookies are Trader Joe's take on Oreos.

Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor is for the sweet and salty fans out there. It has "a creamy, milk chocolate ice cream base with velvety swirls of salty peanut butter throughout."

The ice creams both go for $2.99 a pint, which is about a dollar less than the usual price of Halo Top.



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