Pearsecco Is Going To Be You New Favorite Drink This Summer

If you're looking for you new summer drink of choice, Crispin Cider Co. just released Pearsecco in a can. You're probably wondering what Pearsecco even is... Pearsecco is a cider and per Crispin, it is a "marriage of a pear-based cider and a bubbly prosecco flavor."

Bustle has the chance to try the new alcoholic beverage and said the "pear taste is distinct, but the dryness of it makes it so subtle that it's almost floral. It's the perfect drink for people who love the first few sips of a sweet drink, but get burnt out by it in the middle — Pearsecco, on the other hand, is just sweet enough to snag your taste buds' attention, but not so sweet that it overwhelms"


Honestly, that sounds good enough for me!

Crispin's Pearsecco will first be available on March 1st in a wine-inspired variety pack of 12-ounce slim cans that includes Crispin Rosé and Crispin Brut. In April, it will be available in a standalone six-pack.



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