Ben & Jerry's Made A "Pint Lock" So No One Can Steal Your Ice Cream

If you hate your roommates, siblings, or significant others stealing your ice cream from the fridge, you're going to need this new Ben & Jerry's pint lock. Honestly, this is a million dollar idea.

Ben & Jerry’s now makes a “pint lock” that will literally lock down your ice cream so no one else can eat it without your permission. The pint lock is pretty much what you’d expect: A combination lock designed specifically for a pint of ice cream.


The ring-shaped lock fits over the top of your pint and once it’s been put in place, you can only unlock it by entering the three-digit combination via the three spinners on the side of it.

The Ben & Jerry's pint locks cost $9.99 and you can buy it on the Ben & Jerry's website.



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