Hostess Just Released A New Birthday Flavor CupCake

In honor of Hostess' 100th birthday, the iconic company just released new Birthday CupCakes!

The Birthday Cupcake is part of both Hostess’ annual CupCake Craze program, which sees the release of several limited-edition CupCake flavors every year and the brand’s “Sweetennial”- which is what they’re calling their 100th birthday.

“For Hostess, turning 100 is about all the people who have included us in their special occasions and everyday moments of indulgence,” Keith Peterfeso, Brand Director for All Day Snacking at Hostess, said in a press release. “With this latest product innovation, we are sharing our birthday cake with Hostess fans across the country — spanning demographics, tastes and generations — inviting everyone to take part of this once-in-a-century celebration."


The Birthday CupCake is golden with rainbow sprinkles baked inside. According to snack food Instagrammer Junk Food Mom, the whole thing just tastes like a vanilla cake topped with vanilla icing; the sprinkles don’t impart any additional flavor. She didn't seem too impressed with the cake, but still worth a try!

You can find the Birthday CupCake at Walmartor you can use the Hostess product locator to find them near you.



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