You Can Order Your Roses For Valentine's Day On Amazon Prime Now

If you procrastinate with getting your loved ones a Valentine's Day gift, then this might be right up your alley.

You can now order two dozen roses via Amazon Prime Now this Valentine’s Day, with delivery occurring in either one or two hours, and the roses are Whole Foods Market Whole Trade roses

In 2007, Whole Foods created what they call their Whole Trade Guarantee — a promise that products with the Whole Trade label would “meet our strict product Quality Standards, provide more money to producers, ensure better wages and working conditions for workers, care for the environment, [and] donate one percent of sales to Whole Planet Foundation,” according to a Whole Foods blog post on the subject.

The roses available right now are grown in Ecuador and Colombia and when you buy them, contributions will go towards scholarships, housing development, and childcare services for the communities in those countries from which the roses have been sourced.

Between February 6 and 14, a bouquet of two dozen Whole Trade roses ordered through Prime Now will cost $19.99 for members of Amazon Prime and $24.99 for non-members, and that's a pretty good deal!

Amazon Prime Now can only be accessed through a standalone Amazon Prime Now site and mobile app. They offer one- and two-hour delivery on a wide variety of items, ranging from groceries to electronics. Amazon Prime Now is available in more than 60 cities and metro areas.

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