Duncan Hines Has Mug Cakes That Come In 25 Different Flavors

Duncan Hines sells mug cake mixes for one and they now come in 25 different flavors!

If you've ever craved cake and don't want to make an entire cake, this is perfect for you. I actually saw these in the grocery stores around the holiday and thought it's so genius!


And it's not just mug cakes, but also mug brownies, mug muffins, mug banana breads, mug pancakes and Oatcups, which are meant for breakfast.

All of the options are part of the Perfect Size for 1 line, which are prepared in a mug in the microwave and take "about a minute." Each box contains four mix packets and depending on the flavor, the recipes call for water or milk to be added to the mix or, for some varieties, apple juice. They also don't have any artificial preservatives or flavors.

Some flavors include Mocha Cake, Confetti Cake, S'mores Cake, Caramel Brownie and way more. 



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