Postmates Is Launching A Delivery Bot That Fits 50 Pounds Of Food

Soon you'll be seeing a robot deliver your food. Yes... a robot.

Your human interaction is about to become way less with Postmates' latest invention with a new delivery bot called "Serve." Serve can carry 50 pounds of food and has a range of 30 miles, which Postmates claims gives it the capacity to handle around a dozen deliveries per day. 


Postmates' aim is to be able to make deliveries much more quickly by avoiding traffic by traveling on the sidewalk. They hope to cut out the emissions of the cars and motorcycles that many of Postmates’ 350,000 couriers currently use.

Serve is so refined that it has sensors that tell it when to change direction, when to communicate, and how to make its way through sidewalks. CRAZY, RIGHT?!

Over the next year, the delivery bot will be tested in the Los Angeles area, and Postmates will then expand to other cities. 

During the Serve test in LA, people can order anything on Postmates and a little bot will show up to their front door.



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