You Can Buy "Elf Trash" Flavored Ice Cream This Holiday Season

If you're looking for an incredible themed dessert this holiday season, this one may be it!

Perry’s Ice Cream made an “Elf Trash” flavor for the 2018 holiday season. Yes... Elf Trash. Honestly this is probably on the top of Buddy's the Elf's Christmas list this year.


Perry's Ice Cream is based in Akron, New York and sold throughout New York, Western Pennsylvania, New England, and Northeast Ohio. The brand is known for its creative flavors like Fireball, which blends hot cinnamon ice cream, cinnamon swirls, and cinnamon candies. The Bad Breakup flavor brings sea salt caramel chocolate ice cream together with milk fudge swirls and fudge-filled hearts. 

Perry's has five winter holiday flavors this year: Pumpkin Pie, Peppermint Stick, White Christmas and new additions Hot Cocoa and Elf Trash.

Although the official flavor description of Elf Trash credits the flavor’s creation to “sneaky elves”, the social media posts peg Sugarplum Perry as its progenitor — the photo announcing Elf Trash states, “Our mischievous little elf Sugarplum Perry has taken white chocolate ice cream and mixed in red and green fudge candies, fudge covered pretzels, fudge covered peanuts, and praline peanuts."

You can find retailers for Perry’s using their store locator. but Perry’s also does ship to the contiguous 48 states, with options including overnight, two-day, and ground, depending on where you are. 

Heads up, it is a bit expensive. An eight-pack costs $79.99 plus shipping. But then you can stock up for the net couple of months



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