These Hostess Snacks Now Come In Cereal Form

You will now be able to eat two iconic Hostess products by the spoonful with Honey Bun cereal and Donettes Cereal.

Post Consumer Brands, the makers of Honey Bunches of Oats and Post Pebbles, teamed with Hostess to create the dessert-inspired cereals. 


The Donettes cereal, inspired by Hostess powdered mini donuts, are circles with a powdered sugar-like exterior. The staff at Delish tried the Donettes and described the texture as "puffier than a Cheerio" and "crunchier than the original Donettes, but with a similar powder that stays in your mouth."

The Honey Bun cereal received praise from the Delish team for its accurate Honey Bun shape.  As for the taste, the verdict was that Honey Bun cereal is similar to, but "sweeter than Cinnamon Toast Crunch".

The cereals will begin rolling out in select stores towards the end of December, but they'll officially be available at all major retailers and grocery stores come January 2019.



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