You Can Now Get Cinnabon Delivered To Your Door

I can't tell you how many times I've craved Cinnabon, but didn't feel like going to the mall. I'm sure I'm not alone. Well, I have some good news...

Starting today (November 15), you can ship Cinnabon cinnamon rolls anywhere in the United States with the bakery brand’s new online store. Not only that, but shipping is both free and overnight. SIGN ME UP! 


Three different option are available: The Classic Cinnabon Roll package, the MiniBon Mini Surprise package, and the BonBites Bite Sized Happiness package. 

The Classic package includes six full-sized Cinnabon rolls, plus some extra frosting; Tte MiniBon package comes with 15 MiniBon rolls; and the BonBites package has 16 BonBites inside. 

All of the boxes are under $50; they range from $39.99 for the BonBites package to $49.99 for the MiniBons one.



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