Sweetfin Poke Has A New Bowl Topped With Takis

If you live in Southern California and like poke, then you've probably been to Sweetfin Poke before.

Sweetfin lets your create your own poke bowl or pick one of the fixed bowls off the menu, but now there is a new bowl being added. 

Introducing Taki Topped Poke Bowls!


Dakota Weiss, the creator of Sweetfin Poke, has developed a Fiesta Tuna Poke Bowl that adds a ton of fresh LA tastes and combinations.

The bowl contains a mixture of jicama, avocado, grilled corn, and roasted jalapeno, and you can't forget the chunks of fresh tuna. It's all served atop a bed of Mexican chile oil fried rice, drizzled with tequila lime aioli, and topped with Takis.

Sweetfin’s new creation is being given out for FREE via the Hubert’s Lemon A Go Go Truck on Friday, November 16th, in Westwood near UCLA. For more information, head to foodbeast.com/huberts.



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