Sour Patch Kids Cereal Is Hitting Shelves Soon

Wouldn't you love candy for breakfast? Well your dreams are about to come true because Sour Patch Kids cereal is going to be available for sale in the near future!

Early images of the cereal began leaking to the internet in late October, with food Instagrammer Candy Hunting being one of the first to post about it on Oct. 24.


The big question, of course is what does Sour Patch Kids Cereal taste like? Well, the good news is that reviews are already out!

According to Thrillist, "The second you open the box, a distinct wave of that soury, sugary Sour Patch Kids smell permeates the kitchen." They went on to say they definitely got the sour and sweet flavor down, but each color does not taste different. 

Sour Patch Kids cereal will be sold at Walmart starting December 26th. Will you be buying a box?



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