A Southern California Restaurant Created A Mazapan Breakfast Menu

A restaurant chain in Southern California called Loaded Cafe just created a menu that is inspired by mazapan... and we are HERE FOR IT.

The restaurant offers Mazapan Waffles, French Toast, Pancakes, and Crepes. Each dish blends crumbled pieces of the peanut candy inside its batter and then garnished with a house-made Mazapan syrup, made with sweetened condensed milk.


The two in the video tried everything on the menu at Loaded Cafe! They explain that "even though it’s made with peanuts, it’s definitely not the same as adding peanut butter to items. It’s sweeter and more condensed in a way that satisfied my craving for sweet breakfast foods and Mexican cuisine."

You can find this Mazapan breakfast menu at each of the Loaded Cafe locations throughout Southern California including Santa Ana, Bellflower and Lawndale. 



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