Mountain Dew Released A 'Merry Mash-up' Flavor For The Holidays

It's time to prepare yourself with all the holiday treats and apparently a new holiday... soday?

Yes, Mountain Dew now has a Christmas flavor.


Mountain Dew Merry-Mashup is a new flavor being released for the holidays. The Mountain Dew website described the ruby red drink as tasting like "cranberry and pomegranate with tart, spicy undertones." 

Junk food Instagrammer SnackStalker posted about the product to show off the new drink. In a post on the account yesterday, SnackStalker said, "Today is the day. Mountain Dew merry mash-up is out! This is a cranberry pomegranate flavored soda that will be around for the holidays. This looks like it will be replacing the holiday brew from last year. Found these cans at Kroger."

A few people have already posted their thoughts on the flavor.

Would you try it?


I think I'm gonna pass on this one. 



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