This Company Just Released A CBD Infused Seltzer That You Need To Try

CBD is having a moment and I'm here for it. In case you are confused what it is, it's the non-psychoactive cannabis compound. It's being used from everything to aid pain to reducing your anxiety. No, it doesn't get you high. 


This company just released flavored sparkling waters that are infused with CBD and adaptogen. The adaptogen's also infused in the drink are herb that will help your body to adapt to stress. 

They come in three flavors - peach ginger, pom hibiscus and blackberry chai. You can grab an eight-can pack fro $39.99 or a six-can variety pack for $30 on the Recess website. SO worth it! I'm ordering a variety pack ASAP.


Which one will you try first? 


I just bought all 3! Order it here



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