Starbucks Is Testing Frappuccinos With Less Sugar In California

Exciting news for Frappuccino fans! Starbucks is testing reduced sugar Frappuccinos in California, Missouri, and Rhode Island!


The Frapps are a huge seller, but they are packed with sugar. So, Starbucks is hoping by reducing sugar it will appeal to a different customer base (like me.)


The biggest challenge with creating the drink with less sugar is the texture. The syrup needs to be cut and they decided sweet cream was the answer.

You'll still be able to customize the beverage. You can add dashes of unsweetened natural flavor like vanilla or hazelnuts and it won't add any sugar to the drink.

If this isn't up your alley, no worries - the original Frapp isn't going anywhere. However, it's exciting to see Starbucks creating a healthier version!



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