Lifestyle: Here's My Hair Routine For Healthy & Bouncy Curls

My name is Alex and I have curly hair. 

Curls are awesome, but they can be a bit of a wild card. Every time you shower, you run the risk of your curls not drying right and then you have to sit through a bad hair day... and that's AFTER you finally find a routine that's good for you. 


I feel like I'm getting the "what do you use on your hair" question a lot, so I decided to make it easy and just write it all down in one place.


Part 1: Shower

  • We have "hard water" here in Los Angeles and that can seriously suck for hair. My curls need EXTRA moisturizer between the harsh water and dry air. I just started cowashing and I’m a huge fan.  
  • Cowashing is short for "conditioner only washing." People cowash at different rates, so find what's best for you. For me, I have been cowashing every other time I clean my hair.  I've been using a cowash from Ouidad that I love. 
  • On days I don’t cowash, I’ve been using Ouidad’s Cleansing Oil to shampoo.  I always follow that up with Deva Curl’s Melt Into Moisture
  • Comb through in the shower to detangle! 

Part 2: Styling

  •  Once I'm out of the shower, I comb through again and wrap my hair up in a towel to get out the excess water. 
  • This is part that is never super consistent, I mess around with different styling products all the time. Right now, I’ve been starting with Bumble & Bumble’s Invisible Oil Primer (for UV/Heat Protection). I realize that protecting your hair from the sun is SO important and something I wish I started doing years ago. 
  • If you're someone who uses a defuser, invest in something that will protect your hair from the heat. I've been loving Bumble & bumble's B Repair Blow Dry.
  • For actually styling your curls and making sure they keep their curl, I've been loving Deva Curl B’Leave-in. It moisturizes the curls and holds them for dayyysss. 
  • Let your curls air dry a bit and use a towel or old t-shirt to scrunch. Don't use your hands, it won't absorb the water and it makes your curls look frizzier. 
  • If you're in a rush or need extra volume, use a diffuser. Make sure the setting isn't too hot! 

Part 3: The Days After

  • It's not great to wash your curls every day and I sometimes take that to a whole new level. (I'm talking a week without washing my hair.) So what to do when your curls need to be refreshed? Let me tell you what I do. 
  • I comb through my curls with a wide tooth comb when they start to look a little messy. You can do the whole curl refreshing spray, but I've just been adding some Invisible Oil to the ends of my curls when my hair is starting to feel dry again. 
  • The greatest curly tool I've been using lately is my Q-Redew hair humidifier. I grew up in Jersey, where It's super humid and great for curly hair. The hair is really dry in LA, so I have to make my own humidity. I flip my hair upside-down and use the steamer like a diffuser. 

If you don't know what curl type you have, check out Ouidad's page to help you figure it out. 

This also was super helpful: 


What products have you been using that you love? Tell me here



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