Starbucks Has A New Seasonal Avocado Frappuccino With A Chocolate Pit

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Avocado lovers rejoice! Starbucks has introduced a new Avocado Frappuccino. 

There's only one issue, it's only available at Starbucks locations in South Korea.

아보카도 전문가가 볼때 아보카도 좋아하시면 일단 드세요. 헤헿 😐🥑💘

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Okay, but can they bring this to the States? This literally screams "California!" 

According to, this isn't the first time the coffee chain has tried to roll out the drink. 

퐁당 아보카도🥑🥛 . . . . . #일상 #데일리 #카페 #스타벅스 #스타벅스신메뉴 #아보카도블렌디드 #avocadoblended

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The decided to give it an upgrade and make it more Instagramable this time, adding dark green syrup to line the rim and a chocolate ball for the top to resemble an avocado pit. 


Maybe if it goes well over there, they'll bring them here!

귀여운데 맛은없어🙅🏻‍♀️ . . . #스타벅스 #아보카도블렌디드 #아보카도 #맛은요거트 #starbucks #avocado #avocadoblended

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