A Discussion On Suicide Prevention & Mental Health (WATCH)


I work with Katie Williams. 

She's always been nothing but sweet and kind any time I have interacted with her. It's always been pretty surface level, so when she reached out to me and said she wanted to talk to me about mental health, I was looking forward to hearing what she had to say. 

When Katie grabbed me in the hall, she gave me a book and told me that when she was a teenager, her brother took his life. The book she handed me was her journal that she wrote in a year after that tragedy. It's now published and you can buy it here.  

In the above interview, Katie and I discussed her story, the importance of mental health awareness, and looking for signs of someone who may be suicidal. 

I'm so thankful for people like Katie who through their vulnerability and bravery, help others. Please listen to what she has to say because it's so important. 



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