Here's Proof That IHOP Is Serious About Changing Their Name To 'IHOb'

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Well.. in case you didn't hear the news. Let me drop this bomb on you. 


IHOP, aka the International House Of Pancakes, is now IHOb. 

What's the B stand for, you ask? Burgers. 

IHOP now wants to be known for their burgers.

Naturally, people were confused, including myself. 


Even other food chains were confused. 


Honestly, someone needs to give the person who runs the Wendy's Twitter account a raise. 


People were hoping IHOP was just trolling us all and that this was a really bad marketing gimmick, but NOPE. 


Here's proof that IHOb is going all in.


Whatever. You're not gonna convince me to get your burgers just by changing your name. Pancakes at 3am for liiiiiiife. 



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