Auntie Anne's Is Now Mixing Candy Into Their Lemonade


Auntie Anne's is a famous pretzel shop that can be found in almost every mall with pretzels that look, smell, and taste delicious. But maybe even more tasty is their lemonade mixers.

The normal lemonade mixers combine fruit punch with lemonade, and they come in Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Strawberry, and Peach, according to Bustle.

If you haven't tried them yet, here's even more incentive to go get one. The pretzel chain just released new Auntie Anne's Candy Lemonade Mixers. Cue the sugar rush.


Auntie Anne's Candy Lemonade Mixers combine the franchise's lemonade with either Swedish Fish or Sour Patch Kids, and then the refreshing drink is topped with the actual candies.

Heather Neary, the president of Auntie Anne's, said: "How do you top Auntie Anne's famous lemonade? With candy, of course. Our new Candy Lemonade Mixers are unlike any drink you've ever tasted. You have to try both of these fun, bright, and perfectly Instagrammable summer beverages."

The Candy Lemonade Mixers will be available just for the summer and will last through August. Grab one before their gone and enjoy the sweet, sour, sugary goodness that is Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish lemonade.



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