Millennial Lilac Starbucks Drinks & Other Secret Menu Items You Need To Try

The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and Starbucks has a bunch of very colorful drinks to help you celebrate the Spring season.

But... you may not be familiar with these particular drinks because they're on the secret menu. Elite Daily has done the Lord's work by dissecting the perfect Springtime secret menu items that Starbucks has to offer, and we now have them all right here...

1. Purple Drink

The resident Millennial Lilac refreshment, Purple Drink consists of Passion Iced Tea, soy milk, vanilla syrup, and blackberries. It is the quintessential Spring drink that will add some color to your Instagram feed. Pro tip: Elite Daily says that if you switch out the soy milk for coconut milk, you'll get a lighter purple color, which also looks pretty sick, as seen below.

2. Violet Drink

Violet Drink looks similar to Purple Drink, but it's a little pinker. This drink combines the Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refresher with blackberries, coconut milk, and ice to make this very photogenic refreshment.

3. Pink-Purple Drink

Now, if you can't choose between ordering the Purple Drink or the Violet Drink, can we interest you in the Purple-Pink Drink? As the name says, this one combines the Starbucks Pink Drink with the Purple Drink to get the Pink-Purple Drink. Simple math, people. To order this item, you have to ask the barista to combine the Purple Drink with the Pink Drink, which is Strawberry Acai Refresher mixed with coconut milk. The concoction will make the most perfectly Instagrammable drink you've ever seen.

4. Mermaid Frappuccino

This one looks straight out of Disneyland. The Starbucks Mermaid Frappuccino mixes together pink berries and green matcha drizzle. According to Elite Daily, "if the barista doesn't know how to make one, just ask for a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with freeze dried whole blackberries. Ask for them to line the cup with green matcha drizzle, and to top it with whipped cream and more drizzle or matcha powder." The ingredients are available year round, so you can get one of these magical matcha mermaid frappuccinos whenever you want.

Well, those are the Spring items that you definitely need to know about that Starbucks doesn't advertise. But remember, they're on the secret menu, so keep this info on the DL.

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